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Cabus, close to Garstang is on the northern tip of the Lancashire cheese making tight circle around Beacon Fell. This is where Dew-Lay farm has strong links with the tradition of Lancashire cheese and of Joseph Gornall, whose farm was also in Cabus.

Neil's father George Kenyon took in the first churns of milk from surrounding farms in April 1957 to make a traditional Lancashire cheese. To this day, Dew-Lay's Lancashire has a lingering distinctive flavour from the other nine Lancashire cheese makers (best to avoid imitations from outside Lancashire). Dew-lays three day curd Creamy Lancashire (matured for six weeks) contrasts with their Tasty Lancashire at up to 14 months. Their latest cheese is the popular Garstang Blue. The new dairy employs 40 local people.

In 1997, Neil, a life long cheese maker, historian and brilliant dairy engineer, built an ultra modern cheese-making dairy without compromising the great tradition of Lancashire cheese, which stretches back 700 years. During the 17th & 18th century Lancashire cheese was being shipped to London by boat from Liverpool.

Towards the end of the 1800's, Lancashire Council was so concerned at the vast variation of quality of Lancashire cheese that they appointed Joseph Gornall to peddle round all the farms acting as a cheese instructor. He was a farmer and an engineer who developed the Gornall Cheese maker as well as raised the standard.

When the new dairy opened, it had a viewing gallery specially installed so that children can understand where real cheese comes from, not just a plastic packet off a supermarket shelf. Phone the dairy for details of viewing times.

Dew-lay Cheese is available in all Booths Stores, independent deli counters, and food markets as well as Safeway and Asda(deli-counters).