Peter shot to fame when he appeared on the Gary Rhodes cookery programme as 'The Cheese Detective'. He was a man on a mission seeking out artisan cheese makers and began his crusade to revive interest in the country's great cheese makers.

The North West of England provided a rich hunting ground for Peter and you can read all about his findings here in the first North West Cheese Trail. Over 20 individual cheese makers are featured - read about the wonderful varieties, the family history, the new ventures and then set out on your own trail to investigate!

From Cumbria through Lancashire down to Cheshire you will be spoilt for choice.

The Cheese Detective. Peter Papprill aka The Cheese Detective makes it his businesses to sniff out farmhouse cheeses all over the country. He's a passionate advocate of all aspects of artisan food production. Drop in and have a chat.

Many of our cheeses will be difficult or impossible for you to buy locally. We aim to provide the finest cheeses in perfect condition and to offer a range of cheese that combines presentation, flavour and individuality to your cheese boards.

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